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Sun May 17, 2009 8:14 pm by Xathiador

Hello friends!

School ended for me a little while ago, and that means it is time to resume our positions. The graphic novel is underway again and so I will be active again at this forum! Big changes ahead, all for the better! It just keeps getting better and better! You all just haven't seen it yet. x_X But ya will soon! Stay tuned!

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Time to make BIG avies!!

Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:24 pm by Xathiador

That's right, friends, the avatar size limit on this forum is 150 by 200. Have at it~!

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Added some cool stuff for you guys

Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:13 am by Xathiador

More great things about this forum host seem to crop up all the time! I just added some widgets for you to mess around with, on the left column as well as a chatbox at the very bottom. Hopefully more cool things will be coming your way!

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Starbeam- Snowy Mountain Tiger

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Starbeam- Snowy Mountain Tiger

Post  Kit on Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:50 am

Name: Starbeam
Gender: Female
Age: Around 19 (if human)
Abilities: Can make almost anyone laugh or smile

Species: Tiger
Civilization (if any): Feline but will spend time in the Mountains
Family: Mother is deceased and Father is Unknown

Appearance: *See picture*
White coat with green stripes, pink nose and emerald green eyes. Always wears bright green scarf with holly pin and pieces of holly on her one of her ears and on end of tail. Thick, fluffy coat and large paws, great for living in the snow. No stripes on legs, the ones on her body are just in a general, realistic tiger stripe pattern. Specific stripes on her face include two on each cheek, single stripe under her eye and one down the center of her forehead with three short stripes on each side.

Personality: Starbeam is as innocent and playful as a child even though she is old enough to understand the dangers and hardships of the world around her. Always cheerful and carefree, it is rare to see the tigress truly unhappy and is a sign the something is horribly wrong. Her one goal in life is to bring a smile to everyone's face and often tries hardest with the grumpy and mean souls for she enjoys taking on a challenge. Stubborn and curious beyond normal she is often considered an annoying pest that just won't go away, yet she is one that often when they do go you only want them to come back. She is quick to trust and willing to be friends with just about everyone. Starbeam prefers peace but isn't afraid to fight if worse comes to worse and can hold a decent fight for a short time.

History: Starbeam never met her father, she lived alone with her mother in their snowy mountain home. Unknown to her it was for her protection since her father was a powerful military officer for quite some time and some were out to get him. One of these assassins discovered Starbeam alone when she had wandered from her mother's side. Her mother was able to distract the killer long enough for her to escape. It wasn't for several long years that Starbeam was able to see her mother again and it was sadly when she was dieing of old age and illness. Her mother gifted her with the bright scarf Starbeam now wears and told her to find her father, she would be safe with him now that she was older. Confused about this final message she left her mountainous home after her mother's death to search for her unknown father with minimal clues to his whereabouts.

Picture (optional): Above C8

So there we go. If you have any further questions about Starbeam just let me know and I'' do my best to answer them. C:
She is also open to private rp 8D

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