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Sun May 17, 2009 8:14 pm by Xathiador

Hello friends!

School ended for me a little while ago, and that means it is time to resume our positions. The graphic novel is underway again and so I will be active again at this forum! Big changes ahead, all for the better! It just keeps getting better and better! You all just haven't seen it yet. x_X But ya will soon! Stay tuned!

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Time to make BIG avies!!

Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:24 pm by Xathiador

That's right, friends, the avatar size limit on this forum is 150 by 200. Have at it~!

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Added some cool stuff for you guys

Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:13 am by Xathiador

More great things about this forum host seem to crop up all the time! I just added some widgets for you to mess around with, on the left column as well as a chatbox at the very bottom. Hopefully more cool things will be coming your way!

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"Look! No hands!" - How DO they do it?

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"Look! No hands!" - How DO they do it?

Post  Xathiador on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:47 pm

Hello all;

I know this has probably been a question that has been forming in your/others minds for a while now--how do these creatures, particularly horses, manage to have such extravagant luxuries such as forged armor, cloth, etc. etc., without fingers and hands? Well, the answer is something I've been working on for a while now, so here's what I've got for you as of yet:

First of all, there is a hierarchy. The Gods laid down the original "infrastructure" and architecture of all the civilizations. Each Civlization has a theme reminiscent of Earth cultures. The Avians have a culture reminiscent of the ancient Aztecs, the Canines have a culture reminiscent of the Middle East, the Felines have a culture reminiscent of the ancient Egyptians, and the Equines have a culture reminiscent of the Greco-Roman culture. Though, in the case of the Equines, the Old Kingdom (before Xathiador's takeover) is more reminiscent of the ancient Greeks, whereas Xathiador's empire is more reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Only the Gods can repair and maintain the basic architecture of the Civilizations.

So how are the daily chores done? Well, in the case of the Avians, Felines, and Canines, they actually are fairly dexterous with their 'fingers' on their paws/feet. They can use them quite similarly to humans. Their intelligence gives them the brainpower to do so as well. (Incidentally, the dexterity of these creatures applies to all forms of creatures who have similar kinds of feet, i.e. most dragon species etc.)

The Equines are a slightly different story, though. For them, part of what makes them the most advanced race (the "Noblest") has to do with the fact that in Khthon, there are immaterial forces at work as well as material ones. For instance, the presence of ghosts and the supernatural is FAR more ‘real’ then on Earth. The strangeness of the creatures and their powers, especially those in the Olde Woods and the Mountains, allows for most things considered to be impossible on earth to b almost probable. Such is the beauty of fantasy (:

So, as far as the Equines go, they are born with a form of highly dexterous telekinesis. They are born with the ability to concentrate and move things with their minds. However, it has a fair amount of limitations. For instance, if one wants to get a task done, such as washing the dishes, one has to stand by and focus on the very movements it requires to wash the dishes—as if they were using hands. If someone turns to do something else and is not concentrating on the original task, the task simply will quit and not get finished. So, it requires their full attention. Putting on armor and adornments as well as hanging things, etc. is also done this way.

The strength of this skill is not terribly developed. It is something that needs to be practiced meticulously. This is how Trades work in Khthon. Someone who is a metalsmith/forger has to develop the telekinetic skill to make armor, etc. very much like Earthly trades.
Telekinesis on Khthon does not work very well in groups. The Equines have very little ability to make repairs on buildings, etc., even if they work together. Same goes for the other Civilizations. Building is just something beyond their scope that only the Gods can take care of. However, there are a few who know certain kinds of deep magic that can strengthen their ability to do such things as build. Of course, their abilities could never meet or surpass the Gods’ abilities to do such things, but those who have the skill are able to build sufficiently enough to be substantial. The character Mitxel, who is a darkwood unicorn, has such a skill, and later in the graphic novel, Xathiador solicits his aid. Creatures who have this ability are frowned upon by the Gods. Xathiador, in his corruption, wishes to lose all need for the Gods and develop this ability to build in his Regime to the fullest.

So, if it applies, feel free to use this theory in roleplay. And remember, it’s sort of an idea in-development, so feel free to offer any ideas that may help it in any way!

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Re: "Look! No hands!" - How DO they do it?

Post  Kekira on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:52 pm

AHA! I knew there was something to when the door and drawer seemed to open by themselves. That's very clever of you Xathi.


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Re: "Look! No hands!" - How DO they do it?

Post  Diesnven on Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:00 pm

The theory reminds me of Veggie Tales and how the vegetables hold stuff up... xD


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Re: "Look! No hands!" - How DO they do it?

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