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Sun May 17, 2009 8:14 pm by Xathiador

Hello friends!

School ended for me a little while ago, and that means it is time to resume our positions. The graphic novel is underway again and so I will be active again at this forum! Big changes ahead, all for the better! It just keeps getting better and better! You all just haven't seen it yet. x_X But ya will soon! Stay tuned!

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Time to make BIG avies!!

Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:24 pm by Xathiador

That's right, friends, the avatar size limit on this forum is 150 by 200. Have at it~!

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Added some cool stuff for you guys

Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:13 am by Xathiador

More great things about this forum host seem to crop up all the time! I just added some widgets for you to mess around with, on the left column as well as a chatbox at the very bottom. Hopefully more cool things will be coming your way!

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Be welcome in the lands of Khthon
Khthon is a world where all species are intelligent--but with intelligence comes conflict. Here, the four Civilizations, the Avians, the Feline, the Canine, and the Equine, who previously lived in peace, are faced with both internal and external conflict. Religious differences between the Felines and Canines cause a constant rivalry between the two, save for the few peace-loving citizens of both who are forward-thinking enough to forget their differences. The Avians find themselves feeling superior to the other races, including those Mythics who live in the Olde Woods. Meanwhile, the Gods become more and more angry at the impending situation, and severe weather patterns start to erupt in the harsh and craggy environment of the Mountains. But worst of all, there is tyranny within the Equine race. Xathiador has recently inherited the throne from his twisted father, after the pure and benevolent blood of the Equine Line fell to the carnivorous and greedy Diomedean Line several hundred years ago. Now, he rules with greed and corruption. But like his father and grandfather, Xathiador fears for the end of his reign. Now, he seeks to solidify it in any means possible--his ultimate goal: to rule all, forever.
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  • Oracle of Khthon

    This high place is where the troubled souls of Khthon venture to seek conference with the Gods of their race.This is neutral territory:All creatures are welcome here, despite their personal disagreements between races. Fighting is absolutely forbidden in this holy place.
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  • The Noble - Equine Civilization

    The noblest of all races, the Equines, reside here. They have been thrown into turmoil for the past few centuries due to a hostile tyrant's overthrowing of the Royal Line.

    Emperor: Xathiador
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    Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:30 am
    Kekira "Quality" Time [private: Halotene]
  • The Cunning - Feline Civilization

    The lithest and most cunning of all beasts, the Felines, reside here.

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  • The Loyal - Canine Civilization

    The most loyal and faithful of all races, the Canines, reside here.

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  • The Volitant - Avian Civilization

    The ancient beasts gifted with the knowledge of flight, the Birds, reside here.

    Kuhul Ajaw:
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  • The Human Civilization

    The humble but honorable civilization of the Humans is here. However, it is not limited only to humans. Equines, Felines, Canines as well as several other species sometimes find their home here to help the Humans in various ways. It is considered very high-minded and decent among the other civilizations to travel to the Human civilization to help them with their daily lives, and provide companionship.

    This is also home to the Centaurs.
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  • The Olde Woods

    This is an incredibly vast and diverse stretch of foliage in which all other creatures live. The Civilized creatures come here to do the wild things they were built to do such as hunt, and much conversing between species goes on here. There is a vast and deep marsh embedded in the forest that is home to many strange creatures, including the wise and terrible Swamp Lord, Domnopalus.

    Many creatures of myth and mystery live here as well, in harmony with the spectral world.

    But as well as being a place abundant with life, the Olde Woods are also a grave for many.
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    Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:45 am
    Fuego A Great and Terrible Beauty
  • The Mountains

    Hugging the vast Olde Woods is an expanse of dangerous and diverse mountains, caverns, rock formations, and cliffs. The terrain is restless here and there are many active volcanoes, violent storms, and intermittent earthquakes.

    This place is home to many hardy creatures who can survive the violent nature of the place, including many mythic and mysterious creatures such as Dragons, Chimera, and Gryphons.

    It is also, however, home to the wandering and horrifying Soulless creatures, the Bereft Ones, who failed to be carried across the river Acheron into Hades or even Tartarus.

    Some say that in the depths of the caverns one may reach the Underworld, and on the highest peaks one might speak to the Gods.
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  • Chthonian Colony

    In his attempts to reach and conquer the underworld, Xathiador has erected a vast colony in one of the deepest and most treacherous crevices in the Mountains. His slaves and horrible creatures breed and work here, constantly mining and digging for an entrance to the Underworld. The Chasm is riddled with a labyrinth of passageways and outcroppings. Miles downward flows a river of lava, a fiery doom for those who are executed and sacrificed, as well as for those who lose their footing. The temperature here is extreme. Many who reside here do cross the path into the Underworld, but not in the manner wished by Xathiador--those souls were taken by Death.
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  • The Underworld

    This is where souls come to rest once their time has passed in the material world. Once they die, their soul is transported to the other side of the river Acheron, across which Charon and his Steed ferry the permitted souls into Hades. From there they are either allowed to stay in the paradise of Hades, or sent immediately and directly to Tartarus where they will be eternally punished for a life of sin.

    Only the dead and the deities in charge may reside/roleplay here.
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    Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:03 pm
    Xathiador An Important Note about the Underworld

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